Universal health coverage with equity: what we know, don´t know and need to know

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Dar subsídio a um diálogo sobre as questões críticas na pesquisa dos sistemas de saúde
Trabalho apresentado no Primeiro Simpósio Global de Sistemas de Saúde,  realizado de 16-19 novembro de 2010 em Montreux, na Suíça. Autoras: Patricia Frenz e Jeanette Vega (Orgs.) The pursuit of equity of access to health care is inherent to the health system objective of universal health coverage (UHC). Policies aimed at UHC, from wider health systems approaches to focalized programs and interventions, must be assessed in terms of their effect on equity of access, which requires that their design and management specifically facilitate and enable access across the social gradient, particularly by disadvantaged groups. This background paper reviews the extensive theoretical literature and evidence generated through health systems research (HSR) on equity of access as it relates to UHC. By integrating common elements from diverse disciplinary perspectives discussed in the vast conceptual literature, we set forth an analytical framework to assess equity of access in UHC policies. Key studies from all regions of the world are examined using thisframework to identify the issues addressed, methods and specific findings.  




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