Universal health coverage: a commitment to close the gap

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Identificar as opções políticas que os governos e os doadores devem considerar ao implementar reformas que viabilizem o sistema de Cobertura Universal da Saúde.
Sumário Executivo do Relatório publicado por Save the Children, 2013.Support for universal health coverage (UHC) – ensuring "that all people obtain the health services they need, of good quality, without suffering financial hardship when paying  for them" 1 – is fast gaining momentum. The World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank and many developing and donor countries have already adopted UHC as their top health  priority. This report focuses on how and why inequity – unfair and avoidable inequalities – should be prioritised as countries progress on the path towards UHC. It identifies policy options that governments and donors should consider when implementing reforms for UHC and estimates the effect this could have on health outcomes, setting out the implications for the post- 2015 sustainable development framework.Research for this report included:- A structured literature review to identify lessons from countries;- key informant interviews with a range of experts;- An econometric analysis to estimate the impact of more equitable health financing on mortality rates;- A Lives Saved analysis to estimate the impact of eliminating in-country wealth inequities incoverage of maternal and child health services.



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