The new global health agenda: universal health coverage

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Estudar a Cobertura Universal da Saúde como uma maneira de cortar custos, reduzir dificuldades financeiras, e potencialmente melhorar a saúde.
Relatório elaborado por Oren Ahoobim ; Daniel Altman ; Laurie Garrett ; Vicky Hausman ; Yanzhong Huang, publicado em abril de 2012.Realizing the benefits of UHC for households is a formidable challenge.Not only do the political, legislative, and regulatory hurdles to launching a UHC program need to be overcome; the program needs to be implemented and fine-tuned in ways that respond to the behavior of the targeted population, as well as other economic and health-relatedtrends. No one country has a UHC program that is viewed as a model for the entire world. Rather, governments and their partners seeking to implement UHC need to use a combination of insights from a collection of countries operating in similar contexts. Evidence underlining the benefits of UHC continues to accrue, especially as the introduction of UHC is increasingly designed with controlled trials in mind. Of course, because no two systems are identical, positive results in one country will not necessarily imply success in another. Yet even the evidence collected to date makes a strong case for UHC as a way to cut costs, reduce financial hardship, and potentially improve health. 




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