Right to health in latin américa: beyond universalization

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Know about the right to health considering its judicial or enforcement component as well as the health systems responsible for transforming rights-in-principle into rights-in-practice.
Recently, Latin American countries have had to face the challenges of improving social inclusion and economic redistribution while consolidating democratic institutions after long periods of authoritarian regimes in many of them. Addressing pressure for social inclusion was all the more difficult, since these societies are characterized by some of the worst income disparities in the world and high degrees of labor market informality.The reform efforts —in health care and in social security systems— were part of the evolving context brought about by democratization of the region’s political systems, the modernization of productive models in a globalized economy, and the redesign of the state’s role. On one hand, the democratic governance in the Region depends on the countries’ capacity for integrating the poor population into the political community, building up active citizenship and eliminating discriminatory barriers in the market. On the other hand, the widespread dissemination of the human rights principles and legal instruments in recent years may contribute to enforce the governments’ commitment to universalize the right to health.Este documento foi preparado por Sonia Fleury, consultora de Financiamento para a Divisão de Desenvolvimento da CEPAL, e Mariana Faria, Juanita Durán, Hernán Sandoval, Pablo Yanes, Víctor Víctor Abramovich Penchaszadeh e, no âmbito das atividades do projecto Direito à saúde na América Latina: além da universalização, executado pela Comissão Econômica para a América Latina e o Caribe - CEPAL/ECLAC em conjunto com a Fundação Rockefeller. Este Recurso Educacional, pertence ao Repositório do CEPAL/ONU.




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